Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that provides financial protection for business vehicles and its drivers. Employees involved in on-the-job collisions will receive coverage for medical injuries as well, regardless of fault.

Commercial vehicles are any vehicles and trailers that a business or company uses to transport job-related materials, goods or equipment. Work vehicles have insurance premiums paid for by the company, unlike policies for personal vehicles that the vehicle owner pays for.


Non-owned Auto – If you have employees that may use their vehicle once in a while to run a business errand, you need this coverage. It doesn’t cost much.

Hired Auto – Excess liability coverage for a non-owned, unlisted vehicle you have leased, hired, rented or borrowed for incidental temporary use of 30 days or less.

Additional Named Insured (AI) – An individual or business other than the name insured on the declaration page who has a financial interest requiring protection under the terms of the contract. Typical AI’s are property owners for whom you are working and general contractors who hired you as a sub contractor. You can add this later. This will be EXCLUDED from your quote unless you request to add it. **They are $25 per request or $250 for unlimited (blanket) AI.

Waiver of Subrogation – If you name someone else as Additional Insured (AI) on your auto policy, the waiver of subrogation would not allow your insurance company to sue that AI even if it is determined that the AI was partially at fault. We don’t encourage you to allow waiver’s of subrogation. Only allow it if it is required for the job and you want that job. You can add it later, if needed. This will be EXLCUDED from your quote unless you request to add it. **It costs $25 per request or $500 for an unlimited number of requests.

*These definitions provide a brief description of the coverage offered and some of the terms and phrases used in connection with commercial auto insurance. Other terms, conditions and exclusions may apply. Coverage may not be offered in your state. Please read your state-specific policy or product guide for more details about the coverage.

**These are the costs for our number one carrier that we use. In most cases, our other carriers have similar pricing for these options.

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